Old Team wins the 2020 Italian Cup

Exciting final in Lainate. Old Team wins the first historic Italian Cup.

ispra calcio a 5
The final of the 2020 Italian Cup was held last afternoon on Sunday 19 July at the Pala Nelson Mandela in Lainate (MI), which saw Luigi Pignata’s Ispra C5 and Guido Caracciolo’s Old Team as protagonists. The first part of the game is absolutely balanced between the two teams with a goal by Salazar Louis for Ispra C5 and Fabio Pirritano for the Old Team. In the second half, Guido Caracciolo’s green-and-white line-up gets into fifth and slips a 3-0 partial with the goals of Armando Rosano, Luigi Turati and Salvatore Pitronaci, to whom Louis Salazar replies 2 minutes from the end; just over a minute from the end of the match, Michele Ratta’s final 5-2 goal with a blow from the center of the field that takes the Ispra C5 goalkeeper by surprise. The Old Team therefore won the 2020 Italian Cup for the first time in its history.

old team
The Federation would like to sincerely thank both teams for the excellent fairplay and the great show offered. Furthermore, heartfelt thanks to the race directors Alessandro Chinelli and Giuseppe Rianna for having managed this beautiful match in an impeccable way. We also thank Project Sicurezza, sponsor of the Federation and Neos Air for providing the competition prizes.

ispra calcio a 5