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Guerrino Parise: “Working with young people is fundamental. An unforgettable emotion in Reus”

A central figure for the Italia Football Sala Federation is that of Guerrino Parise. Protagonist of the Italian movement of the futsal AMF, the coach has been working for years on several fronts: today he is in fact Ct of the National C13, Ct of the National C20 and deputy Ct of the Absolute National. Parise then explained to us the importance of the methodological work implemented by the Federation, especially with the youngest. An exceptional job, the fruits of which arrived for him just a few months ago with the awarding by FIFS as coach of the year 2019.

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Your relationship with football sala?

“I knew about the football sala in 2014 thanks to mister Alessio Arezzi. He had just returned from the C20 World Cup in Chile and chatting he talked to me about this sport. I then approached the football sala, I joined the Federation taking the various patentini and from there the passion remained “.

You got to work mostly with younger kids. Why can this sport be so important to them?

“It is a sport that can be extremely useful for young people: our methodologies can be complementary to 11-a-side football, accelerating the growth path of children. In the case of the youngest, it is important to leave them free to have fun in the game but working a lot on the cognitive and coordinative part. They are two fundamental aspects. In my experience I found difficulties in the boys especially on the coordinative part. It is an essential job to do on children, since correcting a 13-14 year old boy becomes much more tiring than teaching a 6 “child.

The peak of your experience with the C13 national team?

“Definitely the 2019 World Cup in Reus. In particular, the quarterfinals: beating the hosts of Catalunya was an unforgettable emotion: the name of Italy had never been seen among the top 4 at an AMF World Cup. On the side human it was even more exciting to see AMF rewarded by their goalkeeper and goalkeeper: it is a huge satisfaction to see their efforts paid off “.

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What did the “coach of the year 2019” award mean to you?

“I don’t deny that it was a pleasant surprise. The prize is certainly thanks to the work done together with my boys at the C13 World Cup in Catalunya. The result we achieved was exceptional: we were the best European team in the midst of nationals of the caliber of Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. It is certainly a prize for two years made at an excellent level from a technical and working point of view. The merits also go to my assistant coach William Rossi, team manager Alessandro Chinelli and doctor Simone Di Benedict, but above all to the boys who took the field: a large part of the prize is none other than them “.

Your experience is quite multifaceted: what is it like to work on different contexts?

“The biggest difficulty is knowing how to detach from one category to another. Going from 13 years old to 20 years old is not easy given the physical and technical differences. On the other hand, it is a possibility that allows you to complete yourself as a coach, having to deal with very different realities. With young kids you have to be more instructor, with the players of the senior national team it is more a job of managing the group and technical skills “.

On the way with the C20 and Assoluta national teams?

“With the Absolute National team we are still at the beginning of the work. Together with Mr. Usai, we are laying the foundations for taking satisfactions in the future. As C20 national team coach, it was the beginning of my journey with FIFS. I started in 2014, then in 2015 my first European in Lloret de Mar, my first international experience. At the end of the four-year period there were the World Cup in Colombia in 2018, a fantastic experience that enriched me from a technical and human point of view. experience that marks you positively and that is exactly what we want for our kids: to help them live such competitions “.

Another satisfaction for you was the award ceremony at CONI: for the results with the National C13 team and for your athlete, Giovanni Palladini, awarded “athlete of the year”.

“An incredible satisfaction. A well-deserved prize, Giovanni did not play much in the World Cup but he did very well, above all on a human and mental level. A symptom of solid values ​​as well as technical skills”.

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Your philosophy as a coach?

“I think that in sport, in all categories, it is essential to look at the human material that is available. Based on the qualities of the boys, you can understand what to work on. I like to create a group first: the most important thing is the cohesion that must be created. Then the technical qualities make the difference, of course. We as FIFS are working well with the creation of the Academy in different areas of Italy “.

Do you study any references among the coaches?

“Actually, no. They are all good, each in his own way. However, there is no prototype of the perfect coach: on a personality level, you can be more or less flashy, nice or unpleasant, but it is subjective. You have to see if a then coach prefers to be a nice loser or an unpleasant winner “.

Goals for the future?

“Growing up together with the Federation, especially in working with the youngest. The work we do is of great importance for the growth of children, especially because it is complementary to 11-a-side football. I would very much like a boy raised by working with a football club at 11 can give important results on a sporting level “.