roberto castorino

Roberto Castorino: “My secret is passion. There is a mad desire to go back to playing”

The return on the field is near. The Coppa Italia quarter-finals will take place on Saturday 4 July in Cadempino. At 18 it will be the turn of Leo Parquet Malcantone-AS Breganzona. Therefore we interviewed Roberto Castorino, coach-player of Leo Parquet who revealed us his feelings about the game. Lots of ideas also on Roberto’s excellent sporting career, not least the incredible performance in the round of 16 a few months ago.

leo parquet malcantone

Saturday is back on the field with the Coppa Italia. How much desire is there to start again?

“It’s an incredible desire. The game of football involves everyone with passion, so we have a crazy desire to go back to playing, especially after this long stop. We only notice the things that are worth when we miss them, so there is a great desire to return to share good moments through sport”.

In the Coppa Italia we stopped in the eighth final won by Leo Parquet against Atletico Lombardo. Yours was an extraordinary game: decisive with goal and assist. Can you tell us how you lived it?

“It was a particular game. In fact with 3 players we met on the day of the game! It was certainly unique but very exciting. In fact, the game went very well, I was lucky enough to score a good goal and an assist and we won against a strong team”.

You are an ageless player. Coach and player still decisive. What’s your secret?

“Passion. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of playing football. In my case, my tiny little body is giving me back what took me as a kid. Now, with passion, experience and few physical ailments I am taking away some satisfactions”.

On Saturday’s quarter final against AS Breganzona?

“The calendar gives us an excellent challenge, with the possibility of eventually finding the Ispra of my friend and teammate Luigi Pignata in the final. For the challenge with AS Breganzona I reveal the cards, we will be a team of all over 30 on Saturday against our opponents who are very young and fast. We will put it on the level of experience”.

Who will win?

“I say Breganzona becuase they are younger”.