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Aldo Crippa: “The National OPEN is an opportunity for growth and cohesion that goes beyond prejudices”

In sport one of the most beautiful factors is diversity. In the football sala, everyone can and must be involved in important projects and the OPEN National team (disabled) is an example. “The importance of this project stems from the possibility for able-bodied athletes and athletes with disabilities to live their sporting passion together”. These are the words of Aldo Crippa, a figure who had a central importance as a coach of the OPEN National team. So Aldo told us more about a project made of humanity, cohesion and many satisfactions.

“Football Sala for Everyone”

The mission of the Italian Football Sala Federation (FIFS) finds its great pride in the OPEN National Team. “Football sala for everyone” is not only a motto but a commitment that FIFS has always pursued, uniting people through sports and leaving no one behind. The OPEN National coach Aldo Crippa says he fully agrees: “I like this slogan because it well describes the main purpose of the OPEN project, which is to encourage the social integration of disabled people. With sport, in this case also through a National Football Hall, we can allow them to share all the emotions and efforts of competitiveness typical of being part of a team “. A project that fully describes the values ​​shared by FIFS, and in which enthusiasm and emotions are certainly not lacking. And even for Aldo it was just like this: “In my view, integration is sharing fully an experience and this project makes it possible through the football hall. It is given the opportunity for able-bodied athletes and athletes with disabilities to live sports passion together, participating together in training and competitions, in order to create a team. The greatest emotion is having experienced that this is possible, going beyond prejudices: even physical and mental limitations can be overcome through play team”.

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Diversity becomes wealth

In the OPEN National team more than ever, diversity is wealth. A resource and not a handicap from which much can be learned. “This experience has taught me never to give up, to always believe in it fully, to have the courage to face challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable. And just what seems to be diversity can become, if organized and addressed in the right way, before possibility and then success”. An experience of human growth and enormous satisfaction, as Aldo tells us. “The greatest satisfaction is that athletes who come from different sports realities, despite their psychophysical difficulties, manage to involve the spectators in games with a good quality of play”.

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A dream to export

Many satisfactions, but also some difficulties. “The difficulties are related to the fact that at national level it is not always possible to schedule regular training sessions that would allow the technical staff to better understand the peculiarities of each athlete and the athletes themselves to create groups and the necessary harmony for the competitions. As far as my skills are concerned, I am trying to work on this aspect despite the limited time”. But above all, it is an occasion for which Aldo does not stop setting goals, with the dream of being able to live this project together with his boys also on an international level. “On a personal level I will try to train myself in order to support the team in the best way and I would like for the future that the team can to be involved more frequently in international competitions, even if I am aware of all the complications at org level anizzativo”.