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Matteo Terraciano: “The National team is an honor. Ready to dedicate myself to my passion: coaching”

On the FIFS microphones we had the opportunity to interview Matteo Terraciano, a player from Team Ticino Lugano and the Italian Men’s National team. Joys and experiences lived during the career, but also much more. “An incredible emotion to participate in the Reus C13 World Cup with the Swiss Nationals”. We therefore dedicated a particular focus to his career as a coach, for which Matteo lived the magnificent experience from CT at the C13 World Championship in Reus, Catalunya.

matteo terraciano

Your relationship with futsal?

“I learned about futsal AMF 4 years ago thanks to the FSFS president Marco Militano. Playing in Switzerland, the no-play break is from November to March, it helps me a lot to maintain physical fitness and increases technical capacity. I am captain of the Ticino Lugano team, CT of the Swiss Nationals C13, C20 and Assoluta”.

Is there a desire to return to the field?

“There is a great desire to return to play after this forced break, everything is missing, especially the adrenaline that increases from the changing room at the beginning”.

The path to Ticino Lugano?

“As said before, I have been the captain of Team Ticino Lugano for 2 years, in recent years we have always been protagonists in Italy winning several league super cups, coming second in the national finals of Follonica”.

Your best skills as an athlete?

“My best skills are grit and game reading”.

What emotions are you experiencing in the Italian National team?

“As for the National team, I can say that it is certainly a great emotion and an honor to wear the shirt of the Italian national team. And it was even more exciting to play the last test match against my friends from the Swiss National team”.

matteo terraciano

On the experience you started as a coach?

“As CT of the Swiss Nationals it was an incredible emotion to participate in the Reus C13 World Championship last November, being able to face the South American teams was exciting, as it had been with the C20 national team at the Alassio European. It is normal that there may be difficulties in recruiting players in Switzerland willing to play 5-a-side football but given the vision of football from the Swiss football schools, I still have the opportunity to find technically strong boys. Training for me has always been a great passion, I have been doing it since I was 17 for 11-a-side football and for futsal AMF in recent years”.

What changes more in the player-manager transition?

“It is a very difficult passage. As a player you know yourself fully and you know how to give your best, as a coach you have to try to get into the heads of your players and be a little friend and a little leader”.

Integralist or elastic?

“I always thought that you don’t have to stick to a philosophy or overly complicated modules and schemes. We must try to be elastic, read the game at best and opt for the best solutions”.

Personal goal?

“My goal for the future is to try to play for a few more years and then dedicate myself totally to the part of CT for the Swiss National teams. My dream as a coach is to grow the futsal AMF movement in Switzerland more and more and bring as many selections as possible to the World Cup category”.

matteo terraciano