maurizio scalise e cesare colella

Double interview with Maurizio Scalise and Cesare Colella, FIFS delegates for the Puglia region

A few days after the birth of the Apulian Regional Committee, we know more closely the two figures who will represent FIFS on the Apulian territory: Maurizio Scalise and Cesare Colella, respectively FIFS Delegate and Vice-Delegate for the Puglia region.

maurizio scalise e cesare colella


Good morning Maurizio and Cesare. Can you make a short presentation?

Maurizio Scalise: «I am a manager of UniBA ASD, a sports association founded in 2014 with an idea of ​​the technical-administrative staff of students and teachers of the University of Bari Aldo Moro in order to aggregate the academic community in sport. For us, sport is in fact an occasion for cohesion, fun and growth, even if over the years the project has taken on another facet, very dedicated to social issues. I would like to thank those who made this collaboration possible: Mister Guenda and Arezzi who followed us during the course leading us to this decision and path, in addition to Alessandro Chinelli and all the FIFS board itself».

Cesare Colella: «I am a member of UniBA and a few weeks coach, thanks to a FIFS course, as well as an employee of the University of Bari. Now it is an honor for me to have been appointed FIFS vice-delegate for the Puglia region. I therefore thank President Paderni and the entire Federation for betting on both the UniBA ASD and me».


What is the occasion for FIFS delegation?

MS: «It represents an important opportunity for personal growth and for the ASD itself, as thanks to this delegation we will be able to network in the Apulian territory and therefore help new young athletes in their sporting career. For the Federation, it represents a possibility of extending the discipline to the south of Italy, where we have noticed that there is not the same presence that we find in the center-north of the country».

CC: «Personally the delegation received is a dream come true. The hope is to be able to make an important contribution to the Federation. In my opinion, FIFS believed in our project to grow in a territory that gave birth to several national players».


Your point of view on the importance of supporting social activities?

MS: «Social support is a duty for us. We firmly believe in it since 2015, when we started to train the children of the poorest families for free. Starting from about fifteen boys and today they come to train 100 in physical activities: football, volleyball, psychomoticism. We were able to touch the happiness of these kids, who naturally would have found it difficult to bear the cost of a football school, for example, and we could do all this because sports facilities were immediately made available in the area, including the “Di Cagno Abbrescia” and the “Olimpic Center” sports center, both in Bari».

CC: «As Maurizio said, we strongly believe in social issues. We do this through the creation of sporting events where the proceeds are always intended for minors with economic and health problems (down children, hearing impaired, cancer patients). In fact, we believe that sport is an extraordinary aggregation engine».


The reasons that led you to bring FIFS to the Puglia region?

MS: «We think that the diffusion of this sport in the territory can be an affirmation opportunity for FIFS but also an opportunity to make the territory interact with a new football discipline, with different rules. Rules that are absolutely important for a young man who tries this sport».

CC: «The Apulian territory is in love with football. We are convinced that starting from the youth sector can be a springboard for a growth of the Federation in Puglia».


What are the issues on which the Puglia Regional Committee will focus?

MS: «First of all, the growth of young people. A fundamental aspect, in collaboration with the football schools already in the area and introducing the dictates of FIFS into training».

CC: «Another topic on which we will contract is training on the territory. We will try to join the study courses present in our University, I think of the courses of Motor Sciences or Communication Sciences».


The strengths of a sport such as Football Sala?

MS: «The Football Sala is also preparatory to 11-a-side football. A base that allows you to develop speed of thought and fundamental technical skills for youngsters who approach the discipline».

CC: «We are convinced that this discipline is based on concepts that teach respect for the group and the opponent. With its rules, it pays particular attention to the part played, in which a fundamental aspect is given by the same rule of 15 seconds to leave one’s own half».


Do you wish for this project?

MS: «First of all, don’t betray the expectations. We hope not to ignore the trust that the Federation has had in us. My dream would be to bring an international FIFS event to Puglia».

CC: «Being able to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. I am thinking of the growth of young people, training, a lot of solidarity and a lot of fun».



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