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Alessandro Luise: “The Golden Ball gave me even more desire to prove my worth”

We had the pleasure of interviewing the 2019 FIFS Ballon d’Or winner: Alessandro Luise. The player of Tigullio Chiavari and of the Italian Men’s National Team talks to FIFS in an all-round chat. “I owe a lot to my brother, he sent me the passion for this sport”. From the beginning with futsal to the National team, right up to the Golden Ball won in January 2020. A career of goals and emotions, with the gaze already projected into the future to make new dreams come true.
How much desire is there to go back to playing futsal?
“The desire to return to play is inexplicable. Unfortunately this stop was a bad blow, since I was still physically well and I had a lot of commitments between the national team and the championship and with all my teammates we were preparing for the season finale”.
Your relationship with this sport?
“I would say that the relationship born with this sport is fantastic. Playing already in futsal, last summer with my team we had an invitation to a FIFS tournament in Bordighera. Although we have never practiced it, we made a great impression, winning the tournament without conceding a goal. Besides, I also had the honor of winning the best player. From there, it all started”.
How is the experience at Tigullio Chiavari going?
“Let’s start from the beginning, I have always played at 11. I had the opportunity to play in Excellence thanks to the rule of the obligation of young people, then between one injury and another I did 4 years in the first category raising some satisfaction. Then came Tigullio and first of all I have to thank my brother, who proposed that I go and play with him who was already playing in the team making the national Serie B. He passed me the passion for futsal. I must also thank the coach (who still trains me) who had the patience to teach me this sport and finally the club, which obviously agreed to take me on the team despite not having never played at 5”.
2020 for you started with the victory of the Ballon d’Or. Do you start from there?
For this early 2020 I could not ask for better. I take this opportunity to thank all those who voted for me, obviously I owe them the victory of the Golden Ball. It represents a lot for me and gives me even more desire to demonstrate how much I am worth on the field. From there, of course, the goal is to try to improve more and more.
If you had to describe yourself, which player is Alessandro Luise?
“I don’t know. At 11 I have always played full back, but I have always focused on individual technique: I like dribbling a lot, I loved doing overlaps and cross and I also had the opportunity to kick free kicks. This way of playing has helped me in futsal, already having a minimum of individual technique”.
Your idol?
“My idol is a questionable player for many, but he has always fascinated me: Ricardo Quaresma. I used to watch Porto games as a kid just to see him and I watched the videos of his numbers on YouTube”.
On your experience in the National team?
“Even here I only have to thank Mr. Usai who had the opportunity to see me play only in the selection matches but in my first game with the National team he gave me the honor of wearing the number 10 shirt, also making me deputy captain. An indescribable emotion to wear the blue shirt with that number, to sing the hymn together with my companions with whom, despite the short time together, I have established a fantastic relationship”.
In the victory against Switzerland you scored two goals. What performance was it?
“With Switzerland if I have to be honest, reviewing the images I am not very happy abut my test. Tension and emotion prevailed. But the important thing is to have won with my team: in the locker room I saw the joy in the eyes of my teammates after the victory, it was an incredible experience”.
Your dream?
“My dream is to play international events with the National team. A European and a World Championship would be competitions that I would carry in my heart for a lifetime”.
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