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Final Eight men’s Scudetto 2020

The Italian Football Hall Federation officially announces that, following the meeting with the various federal members, the 8 teams of male clubs entitled to play the Final Eight for the assignment of the title of champion of Italy in 2020 are listed below the criteria for achieving results in the current season and Fair Play cup:

1 Ispra C5 – Winter Cup winner 2019/2020

2 Parafarmacia Valle Pro Seborga – Liguria cup winner 2019/2020

3 Old Team – Lombardy cup winner 2020

4 Ticinia Novara – 2nd Lombardy Cup 2020 and Italian Champion 2019

5 Lainate Futsal – San Rocco Trophy Winner 2019 and Christmas Cup Winner 2019

6 Tigullio Chiavari – FIFS Opening Cup 2019 winner

7 Top Five Biella – 2019/2020 Fair Play Cup Winner

8 Don Bosco Vallecrosia – 2nd Liguria Cup 2019/2020



Match 1: Pro Seborga vs Don Bosco Vallecrosia

Match 2: Tigullio Chiavari vs Top Five Biella

Match 3: Ticinia Novara vs Ispra C5 

Match 4: Lainate Futsal vs Old Team


Semifinal 1: Winner of Race 1 vs Winner of Race 3

Semifinal 2: Winner of Race 2 vs Winner of Race 4


Final 1st-2nd Place – Semifinal Winner 1 vs Semifinal Winner 2


The competitions will be scheduled as soon as the authorization to resume competitions is given by the competent authorities. For information contact the FIFS Secretariat by writing an email to or by calling 348/7502634