ispra calcio a 5

Luigi Pignata: “Winter Cup excellent result. I’ll tell you my story at Ispra Calcio at 5 “

Before the world of futsal AMF stopped due to Covid, a slight note was the assignment of the Winter Cup 2019, won by Ispra C5. And his coach Luigi Pignata told us his story with emotion, retracing the path with Ispra but also giving us some pills about his experience in the Italian National team over 40.

ispra calcio a 5

Can you tell us about your story at Ispra C5?

“Ispra was born in 2005 and I was a player. With some friends, we then formed this team by approaching 5-a-side football. In 2005 we won the Serie D championship, then enthusiastically facing the C2 winning the championship. Over the years, we have tried to improve more and more until we get the desired result in C1: the playoffs. With the creation of new companies in the surrounding area, we then lost some players and various marriages have moved. Speaking some time later with some players, we restarted the project. We immediately got ready to do well and we won the Serie D. The route continues to this day, at least before the stop period due to Covid”.

Before the stop, Ispra C5 achieved a great result: the victory of the Winter Cup.

“Yes, we started this path thanks to the president of the Italian Football Federation Sala Axel Paderni. The Winter Cup was a nice journey that pleased us and led us to play the final. The end result was excellent, winning against a good team”.

The qualities of a coach?

“It depends on the category. In general, it is important to know how to manage a player physically and mentally, to get the most out of it and allow for improvement. I consider myself a rather elastic coach and it can be a virtue or a defect but I repeat, the type of approach of a coach also goes according to the category and needs of the boys. I try to make the ball work a lot, as well as to encourage the boys on a psychological and mental level”.

Your experience in the Italian National team over 40?

“I think it is a very well thought out and structured project. For me it was an opportunity to experience a sort of second youth. Being able to measure myself with players over 40 and over 50 puts you in competition despite your age. I hope the project continues on this path, for me as for the future highlanders of this sport”.

Goal for the future?

“Continue to help children in their growth on a sporting and human level, regardless of category”.