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Fernanda Caprioli: “Women’s football is growing fast. Tenacity and courage to make mistakes are needed”

We had the opportunity to exchange two words with Fernanda Caprioli, athlete of the Italian Women’s National Team with an exceptional curriculum, having also participated in two women’s Champions for futsal clubs with the Dairagirls. Particular attention to the growth of the women’s football movement in recent years, but also several ideas on the National and personal experience of Fernanda.

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What brought you to five-a-side football?

“After many years on the fields at 11 I felt the need, not without difficulty, to put myself further to the test in the field at 5. Where technique and tactical intelligence are exalted to the nth degree”.

On your experience in the national team?

“The experience in the national team is a bet that I am placing, because it is a higher step on my path of sport growth. For now it is an honor to be part of this project”.

The top moment with the blue shirt?

“I still have few matches in the national team, but the friendly against the All Star South America was the most exciting moment. So joy in grinding a good game with the team, in making an assist for his partner Tihsler and in scoring my first goal with the Blue Jersey”.

On your personal career, what were the best moments? And which are the most difficult?

“At 11 I was lucky enough to deal with quality players, but I think I can say with certainty that the best moments I lived them on the fields at 5. With international experiences, in A2 in Bellinzago Novarese and in the last exciting game of Italian Cup against the Chikas Pavia. The most difficult one was certainly the tibia injury of 5 years ago that blocked me more than expected and made me doubt about my chances of recovery”.

What about the growth of women’s football in recent years?

“The reality of women’s football is growing exponentially fortunately. And also thanks to the post World effect many young people approach this sport”.

What can give further impetus to the women’s football movement?

“The movement, however, needs to be told in a wider way, also at school and regional level, in order to give more freedom of choice to those approaching this world and to be able to play in various disciplines. Otherwise you run the risk of passing the 5-a-side football often in the background”.

How do you imagine the future for the world of 5 AMF football?

“I hope that the beauty of futsal can be admired by an ever wider public and that our national team can honor the next World Cup and, why not, improve the goals achieved so far”.

Should you give some advice to a young 5-a-side football athlete?

“I always say to a young athlete that having fun is the first thing, because without enthusiasm even a game becomes boring. Then especially to those who undertake the special discipline of 5-a-side football I advise tenacity and courage to make mistakes too. Because on the 5-a-side field you never stop learning and encounter obstacles, but it is also the best stage where you can express yourself”.

Auspices and objectives for reparation?

“I have many expectations, even if with the ‘handbrake pulled’ having to wait for the actual green light to the activities. I would like to further grow my club where there are indeed very promising young girls, such as Brugnoni and Caria. And with as many hopes, find my place and make my contribution to the cause in this dream called National”.