nicolò scardoni

Nicolò Scardoni: “The National team’s email from goosebumps. I’ll tell you about my dream debut”

During the period of suspension of sport activity, we had the opportunity to interview another protagonist in 5 AMF football, this is Nicolò Scardoni. Young but with a desire to split the world, Nicolò made his extraordinary debut in the national team in the friendly match against Lugano against Switzerland. We chatted with him about the good experience he had, going over his career with different and interesting anecdotes.

nicolò scardoni


How are you experiencing the stop from sports?

“It was a rather unexpected stop. It is very difficult for me to stay away from football, so even just having two dribbles in the yard or playing with my younger brother kept me more relieved. When there was a partial restart, I then started running again and training individually in the gym. Now I hope sport can resume as soon as possible”.

What brought you to 5 AMF football?

“I always played at 11, then I started working but also working on Sunday I didn’t have the opportunity to play. So I got to know the sporting director of Pro Vercelli and it was a great fortune: I auditioned and I was taken. From there, I realized that it was my sport, I also believe in terms of characteristics: it is a more physical and tactical sport, where shooting in the short term is very useful and being able to jump the man easily”.

Can you tell us how was your experience in the national team?

“It was a beautiful and unexpected experience. They called me to play an amateur game, I played against an under 21 team in Valdengo and I think I did a good test. After that game, I received an email in which I read that I had been called up for an internship. It was an incredible emotion, so much so that I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I then went to the stage in Vercelli and step by step I managed to win the Lugano friendly against Switzerland”.

A game of great emotions …

“Absolutely. Entering the locker room, wearing the blue shirt, hearing the hymn … there are really a lot of emotions that I have left, even if the greatest satisfaction is to be back home winning. The goal is always to win, whether friendly or not”.

On your test instead?

“I always think first of the team’s goal, so I’m happy to have won the game, also because we played against a very strong team technically. On my test, which was a debut for me, I can say that it was like living a dream. Debut, victory and hat-trick. I came home that evening and was elated. Certainly the best moment of my career”.

Instead the most difficult moment in your career?

“It was an injury. A few years ago, when during a workout a partner made a rather firm entrance to me, enough to break my malleolus and three ligaments in my right ankle. It was a difficult moment also psychologically: I wasn’t sure how to get back and if I would be back. Then fortunately I managed to recover”.

Are there references to which you are inspired in sport?

“There is a player to whom I look for determination and tenacity in pursuing his goals and is Cristiano Ronaldo. I think it is the prototype of the champion built with efforts, sacrifices and hard training. A player who made me fall in love was Kaka: technique, speed, dribbling, power, everything. A phenomenal player”.

Your dream in the drawer?

“Realize me in life. I would like to be happy and peaceful both in life, therefore personal and working side, and in sport, where I aim to constantly improve myself”.