partnership fifs e neos air

Emiliano Lisi of Neos Air: “Teamwork is essential. We win together, both in sport and in an airline”

A year after the partnership signed with Neos Air, we interviewed Emiliano Lisi, cabin crew HR recruitment manager of the current main sponsor of FIFS as well as a member of the National Veterans team and the current winner of the category Golden Ball. We talked with him about the values ​​that unite FIFS with Neos Air, the importance of sport, its social role and much more.

emiliano lisi

How did Neos manage the emergency situation?

“The situation was handled very well. In coordination with the crisis unit of the Farnesina and the embassies of the various countries, we have organized more than 150 repatriation flights, bringing home more than 30 thousand people between Colombia, Peru, Argentina, India, the Philippines, Indonesia and many other destinations worldwide. We also operated more than 50 humanitarian flights from China, carrying around 200 million masks and tons of medical supplies for the emergency. We are certainly proud of the work done and now, with all the necessary precautions, we hope for a gradual return to normal”.

What will be the heart of the revival?

“I believe the will to return free and not to stop. Free to move and discover”.

A year after the signed partnership, what are the main reasons that pushed Neos to become main sponsor of FIFS?

“The collaboration with the Italian Football Hall Federation stems from Neos desire to be close to less fortunate people. Social inclusion, teamwork, sustainability and the removal of barriers are the values ​​we try to promote, in this case trying to be close to the guys of the OPEN National team. A great reference of mine such as Nelson Mandela said “sport can create hope. And more powerful than any government in breaking racial barriers. Sport laughs in the face of all kinds of discrimination“. For these reasons we are proud to support the partnership with FIFS”.

The common denominator between the two?

“Certainly attention to social issues and teamwork. There is no individuality that prevails, teamwork is essential. You win together, both in sport and in work in an airline”.

What does sport mean to you?

“Sport is life. It makes us better people, unites and also helps on a psychophysical level. I am convinced that the restart of sport will also help a lot in returning to life”.

Can you explain why the so-called Corporate Social Responsibility topic is so important?

“It is a fundamental theme. Neos pays particular attention to the issue of sustainability and social issues. Just think that on board our aircraft we use biodegradable and recyclable materials, we pay attention to the disposal of residual oils in compliance with the Italian Community regulations envisaged and we have as a flagship aircraft a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, an advanced aircraft, also designed with respect to issues environmental with consumption reduced by 20% and with a reduction of 20% of carbon dioxide emissions. This type of aircraft has one of the lowest noise levels compared to commercial aircraft used for passenger transport. Neos also supports several associations, including the Croce Rossa, Telethon, La Casa delle Fate, ADMO and many others”.


The themes of the Neos-FIFS partnership are extremely topical: racial discrimination, breaking down cultural barriers, sustainability. Will they be at the center of post-pandemic change?

“We hope so for the rest of the world, for Neos there is no racial discrimination and cultural differences have always been considered a value and not a barrier for us. And environmental sustainability is also an issue that we always pay attention to, on which we proceed with constant investments. Now, the hope is that everyone has understood the importance of these values”.

On your experience in the National team?

“In the National Major I found a group of very humble boys. The same in the Veterans National team, a more âgé but very strong and intelligent group. Playing for italian country is an honor, hearing the hymn before kick-off, hugging after a goal: they are truly beautiful moments to live”.

The next initiatives promoted by the Neos-FIFS collaboration?

“We are waiting for the green light to be able to dispute a quadrangular that will see the Neos participation. We would like to involve the guys from the OPEN National Team, the Veterans National Team and the Alpitour National Team”.

Your personal dream?

“I would like very much that on that occasion, after being nominated winner of the Veterans category gold ball in 2019, the award was given to me by the captain of the OPEN National team”.