arturo carciotto

Online coaching course: interview with Arturo Carciotto, student (almost) cum laude!

“After the coaching course which started on May 15th, we had the pleasure of interviewing Arturo Carciotto, a participant who obtained the CONI certification for coaches. But that’s not all, Arturo was in fact the student who got the best result and the only one to pass the final exam with flying colors, with a final score of 30/30 (the course, of course, does not include the assignment of praise). We therefore exchanged two words with him to understand why he decided to enroll in the course, in addition to having his feedback on the latter”.

Hello Arturo, can you make a short presentation and explain why you decided to enroll in the course?

“Hello, I was born in Messina in 1982, I graduated in Economics and work as a clerk in a company. I enrolled in the FIFS course because in comparison with some colleagues, we were intrigued by the movement of the Football Sala and by the great work that FIFS is doing in my opinion”.

How do you evaluate the experience of the coaching course?

“The course is well structured to be a first level. In my opinion, all the fundamental characteristics of the game are treated: technical, tactical, physical and mental with an interesting insight into the regulation and history of the Football Sala”.

What struck you in particular?

“I was impressed by the debate that arose in the margins of the lessons. I am of the opinion that for coaches, the comparison and dialogue with their colleagues (whether they are trainers or not) are moments in which to take inspiration and, why not, learn from each other also from each other’s experiences”.

How did the trainers seem to you?

“The trainers were exemplary, they made their experience available to the students with great humility. They guided the lessons with mastery, providing notions in a clear way and also leaving room for the opinions of the students and the relative comparison”.

Regarding the online mode, with the course now over, how the currency?

“Difficult to get more from online mode, images, slides, videos have been shared, I believe that the maximum has been done for an online course. Perhaps the only thing I would implement would be a shared whiteboard for a “on the ground” comparison, even if virtual”.

In your opinion, how important is training for the role of the coach?

“The role of the coach is very difficult, he has to perform various functions in the management of a group during the season therefore competence is absolutely fundamental. It is necessary to know the principles of individual tactics, those of collective tactics but at the same time also the training methodologies and the psychological principles that govern sports activities and relational dynamics within a group. Nothing can be left to chance so the coach must never stop training”.

What outlets would you like to undertake with the certification you obtained thanks to the course?

“I do not hide the fact that the activity of trainer has always intrigued me and it is certainly one of those experiences that I would like to have sooner or later. At the same time, I think it would be very stimulating and interesting to fill the role of federal technician”.

If you were to give a reason why an aspiring student should register, what would you choose?

“An aspiring student should take the course because without basic training you cannot be a coach, you must at least learn the fundamental aspects of the game and this experience is certainly a good starting point”.