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Luca Passaretta: “I live sport with a lot of determination. The Italian National team is a unique emotion”

The round of interviews of FIFS to the national faces of the world of football hall continues. This time it’s the turn of Luca Passaretta, player of the Absolute National team. During the interview, we touched on various points, many of which related to the current stop moment in the world of sport, with pleasant hints also on Luca’s sports career. Not to be missed.

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First of all, how are you experiencing the suspension of sports activities?

“Certainly not well, given that the difficulties have manifested themselves on several fronts: it is a suffering both on a sporting level where we have been stuck for a long time, and in terms of work where we have just recovered”.

Your opinion on the restart of sport?

“I know as much as the rest of the Italians who are not experts in the case. I rely heavily on the official news that is provided to us and I think that those who guide us certainly have the skills to make the best decisions. Personally, however, after a first phase of fear I am realizing that in addition to the restart of production activities it is right that sports activities also start, which give work to many people. Sport can also represent a moment of serenity after these difficult months”.

What will change in 5 AMF football after this stop? Could it be an opportunity to relaunch?

“5-a-side football I think is a sport already on the rise in the Italian panorama. Many clubs and sports clubs were starting to use it as a teaching tool even for children, considering the fact that a lot of mastery of the technical gesture is necessary to practice it. The situation of economic difficulty will now force us to reflect to plan and relaunch sport in general”.

How are you experiencing the experience in the Italian National team?

“Playing in the Italian national team is always an emotion. The best thing I think is the opportunity to meet new people from all over Italy and with my same passion for this sport. The staff is also very prepared”.

The best moment with the National team?

“The most exciting moment is certainly that of the national anthem. There is always a shiver in the spine to hear it intonate from the hall”.

In the victory against Switzerland you played a fantastic game…

“It was my debut game with Switzerland. I hope I will still be given the opportunity to play a game like that and to carve out some important moments”.

Do you have references on a sports level?

“Honestly, I’m one who likes practice more, without looking at various idols. If anything, I take inspiration for features from those like me who rely on determination rather than technique. Little Neymar and much more Chiellini, so to speak”.

Your goals for the future?

“I would like to return to normal, that’s all. For the rest, no dreams in the drawer. I love my life as it is”.