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With Giuseppe Brunacci, referee of the 2018 World Cup final in Colombia

FIFS continues its journey among the national voices of the world of football sala. We interviewed Giuseppe Brunacci, Italian referee AMF and FEF and whistle of the 2018 World Cup final in Colombia and of the 2019 World Cup 3/4 final in Argentina. We talked about the situation that the world of sport is currently experiencing, 5 AMF football, its professional growth as a referee and much more.


How are you experiencing the stop of the sport activity?

“Well, like everyone else, I lived it at home. At first, maybe thinking it was a temporary thing. Then, as the days went by, understanding the extent of the problem and trying to get by, training at home individually”.

Your opinion about the restart of the world of sport?

“Honestly, I don’t fully agree on how the management of sports activities has been carried out. With tight controls I would have let the game play. I see sport as an opportunity also to ease people’s boredom and sadness”.

What solution do you consider suitable for 5 AMF football?

“Certainly the restart must also be linked to some preventions, such as games behind closed doors. In this sense, a key point could be TV, an opportunity to maintain good visibility for this sport”.

Will the stop allow to relaunch the 5 AMF football?

“In my opinion, the stop will bring a reflection necessary to revive sport in general. Many disciplines will have to reorganize themselves and I am sure that 5 AMF football with its president Axel Paderni will also make the necessary considerations to start off better”.

If you have to choose, what do you miss more about sport right now?

“Live it. As a referee, I really miss living on the field, the arena, the human contact and the fun that is there when you go on the field. I hope to start again as soon as possible”.


Why did you decide to become a referee?

“To tell the truth, a series of events. I played football as a goalkeeper and at a good level: I played in the youth teams of Novara, in Promotion and in Excellence. Then I started working, but I wasn’t allowed to train, not even on Sunday. The only thing that allowed me to do this was refereeing, so I started being a football referee at 11 and I immediately loved this role. Then I moved to Switzerland, where I still referee today”.

The best moment of your career? And the most difficult?

“In my career, the best and most difficult moment at the same time was refereeing the World Cup final in Colombia. A beautiful but very difficult moment because of great responsibility. An enormous emotion, to shake your legs in the pre-match, as indeed in the inaugural match of the tournament. At the start whistle, however, the concentration took over and the noise of the stadium is no longer noticed”.

Your personal dream?

“I haven’t thought about it yet. To tell you the truth, my dream for 5-a-side football was to referee a World Cup and I’m really happy to have been able to make it happen”.

Your goal for the next season?

“First of all go back to the field and be able to referee soon. Then, also in agreement with the President, I would like to help the Federation by training new young referees. Being a referee is a great challenge, but you need to be firm and resolute. And training is also a component that can help from that point of view”.