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Interview with Alemao Glaeser, pivot of the Italian National team

During the period of suspension of sports activity, our journey continues among the national voices of the football sala. It’s the moment of Alemao Glaeser, the pivot of the Italian national team. We’ve talked with him about the stop in the world of sport, football sala, Roberto Baggio and much more. Past, present and future condensed in a single interview. Not to be missed.



How are you experiencing the period of suspension of sports activity?

“For me the priority has always been health, so after the reopening, things improved. Clearly there is much regret for the suspension of sports activities, living with this situation of uncertainty hurts even more, in addition to creating economic and emotional instability. I hope that, in addition to football, all the minor sports can soon start again”.

What solution do you think may be appropriate for 5 AMF football?

“It is not easy because the protocol for many teams and disciplines is quite complex to apply. The hope is that the contagions will continue to decrease and that it will be possible to recover soon, even without the public or with due limitations. This will be a solution to start again even if, unfortunately, we will have to live with the virus until there is a vaccine. I really hope that the various Federations can join together and look for a solution for minor sports, above all they think about youth sectors”.

In your opinion, will the suspension allow to relaunch the 5 AMF football?

“This is what we hope for. As an amateur sport we suffer a lot the discourse of not being professional despite living on sport. The hope is that also amateur sports can also enjoy greater safety and the time is right for a reflection on the world of sport, a general reflection thinking about all of the various youth sectors that must be considered immediately”.

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What do you miss most about sport right now?

“I am a man who lives sport in the most simple and intense possible way. More than anything else, the training routine is missing, the joy of training together and the magic of being in a group. I hope to be able to relive these moments as soon as possible”.

How did your relationship with football sala start?

“In Brazil I played football until I was 16 years old, then at 17 I was called to the first team for 5-a-side football. In that year I also went to university. It was a nice opportunity to continue playing football and studying at the same time. During my second year in Italy, I could start training with Fano, a football team with 11 militants in C2, but I didn’t want to risk it. I had already been called up to the national football sala team and I was about to be bought by Arzignano Grifo, the 5-time Italian soccer champion team at the time. From there, my path with 5-a-side football continued”.

The best moment of your career so far? And the most difficult?

“The moments with the Italian national team are the most beautiful moments. These are the moments of greatest glory and honor that a footballer can live. Perhaps the most beautiful was the debut at the World Cup in Argentina, where my family was in the stands and where I scored after a few minutes. The worst moment I think was the same game: we won 4-1 against South Africa but we incredibly lost the game. That game was probably the one that eliminated us from the quarter-finals of the World Cup”.

Do you have an idol or a reference that inspires you?

“Since I was a child my idol is Roberto Baggio. For me he is not only a great footballer but also an exemplary person. He has experienced excellent moments and bad moments which he has always overcome with great willpower. For me he is a reference as a footballer and person. For technical characteristics, I was inspired by Bertão, a Brazilian pivot who played in Spain and also here in Italy. He was a pivot of those who really make you fall in love with the role. We also played together when I was 18 and he was already a 5-a-side football star. In addition to being a friend, he was also a point of reference for me: I tried to learn his movements and steal the secrets of the role”.


alemao glaeser e roberto baggio

What passions do you have in your daily life?

“I really like reading. Most of the books I read are related to sports, mainly players and coaches books”.

Are you preparing for your future career?

“I have been training in the youth sector for years. Training in 5-a-side football is a passion of mine and I’ve been preparing for years to improve myself. For now, however, it is a second passion and player activity remains my priority”.

Your personal dream?

“I have to say that I have already realized some wonderful dreams: go to the national team, participate in a European and a World Cup. I still have two dreams though: I wish I could play yet another European and another World Cup. I will do everything I can to make these dreams come true”.

Your goal for the next season?

“This season was very positive for me, with 34 goals in 25 games in Serie A2 and the team fighting for the playoffs. As goals I therefore hope to be able to repeat these numbers also in the next season”.


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