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Football sala on tv: week 1-7 June

The Italian Football Hall Federation informs all fans that in the following week from 1 to 7 June the following 5 AMF Football matches will be broadcast on TV on MS Channel – Channel 814 SKY – and on Web TV MS Channel Extra:

Monday 1st June:

9.30 pm Semi-final Coppa Liguria 2019/2020 – Don Bosco vs Vallebona – on MS Channel Extra

Tuesday 2nd June:

10.00 AMF World Cup Final 2019 – Argentina vs Brazil – on MS Channel

Wednesday 3rd June:

16.30 Lega Five 2020: Ispra C5 vs Voluntas Novara – on MS Channel 10.30 pm

Final Liguria Cup 2019/2020: Pro Seborga vs Vallebona – on MS Channel Extra

Friday 5th June:

18.30 Winter Cup 2019/2020: Voluntas Novara vs Lainate Futsal – on MS Channel

Sunday 7th June:

22.30 Paraguay 2020 Championship Finals: San Ignacio vs Oviedo – on MS Channel

22.30 Paraguay 2019 Championship Finals: Simon Bolivar vs Fomento de Barrio – on MS Channel Extra

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