Face to face with Daniele Colognesi President of Ticinia Novara

When the main Italian sports championships were suspended, we interviewed Daniele Colognesi, president of Ticinia Novara. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

How are you and the team experiencing the situation of forced suspension of sports activities?

“Like everyone, a little” displaced “at the beginning of the pandemic. Then, trying to get better organized to allow our members to do activities at home. Ours were proposed weekly optional work: a physical part and a part technique, to be carried out daily and taking into account the environment and spaces of everyone “.

What do you think of the debate around the restart of the sports world?

“The debates make it easier to understand the reality of the country and the moment of the sports clubs, but above all they can help you get an idea on how to start again and on the timing of the recovery. Personally there would be a great desire to return soon on the field, but I think it is it is very premature to make hypotheses. The current ministerial decrees do not currently allow our restart, this is a fact. Too many responsibilities for the presidents and doctors of the companies and it is however right to put health protection first. “

What do you think is the most correct solution for 5 AMF football?

“Having already expressed my thoughts regarding the restarting of activities, I am not going to decide on decisions that are due to federal managers. Surely, as for all disciplines, the Futsal AMF will do everything necessary to do it as soon as possible, respecting the decrees which are more restrictive for an indoor discipline. “

The suspension puts us in front of some reflections: can it represent a turning point to organize the relaunch of 5 AMF football?

“Certainly it could be an important moment. The number of teams could be increased, taking advantage of the television possibility and the difficult moment of the companies engaged in FIGC activities. They are only hypotheses, there are no certainties but, over time, answers will be possible” .

What hopes and goals does it have for the next season?

“During this forced stop, we thought about a corporate reorganization of the Ticinia Novara. Fabrizio Pavan will be responsible for the Football Sala activities and Gerry Bestetti for the Special activities, in fact a Soccer School will start for athletes with disabilities. As regards sports goals, after the last triumphant seasons, we will try to confirm itself “.