In the world of OPES Italia training with Andrea Patti

With the beginning of the course for football sala coaches organized by the collaboration between the Italian Football Federation and OPES Italy, we interviewed Andrea Patti, National Manager of the Training Sector of OPES Italia, as well as Councilor of the CONI Region of Sicily and member of the National Executive Board of OPES Italia. The course will be the linear continuation of the virtuous path undertaken by FIFS and its president Axel Paderni, who has focused on training from the outset, so much so that many of the teachers themselves are trained by FIFS. A reality therefore made possible thanks to the OPES President Marco Perissa, the Secretary General Juri Morico and the representative of Giunta Andrea Patti, as well as to the efforts of those who manage the Italian football hall movement.

Training in sport

Today more than ever training is an important feature in sport. To what extent do you think? “Sports training represents the milestone. The trainer is one of the most important figures, so we at OPES Italia have thought from the beginning to form a “managerial class” of trainers. In my opinion, this is an indispensable feature”. The importance of training, explains dr. Patti, lies precisely in its multidisciplinary character. “The course organized by the collaboration between FIFS and OPES Italy, in addition to the subject of football room and its regulations, touches on many other transversal subjects: notions of law, economics, but above all psychology. The importance of the instructor also and above all lies in the human characteristics he must necessarily possess: empathy, communication and charisma”.

An opportunity to start again

In the difficult situation that the whole world of sport is experiencing, the course can represent a great opportunity to relaunch, do you agree? “The beginning of this course comes precisely in conjunction with the resumption of some activities, therefore it can only represent a moment of comparison and restart. Through lessons partly online and partly in attendance, naturally in the correct observance of the regulations exposed, we would like the course to constitute a real opportunity to restart”.

Job opportunities

The course also represents a concrete possibility of training and qualification. What opportunities can those who will participate find it? “In addition to the possibility of technical and human growth, the course will allow participants to be recognized and qualified, since having the qualification of instructor is the condition sine qua non to become trainers, technical sports operators or work within institutions and associations. As a trainer of the course, I will try to focus the attention of the participants on how important it is to have adequate training, as said from both a technical and human point of view, so that I can work in the sports world in a conscious way”.