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Focus of the moment with Daniele De Dionigi, Lainate Futsal coach

In the moment of suspension of the various Italian sports championships, we interviewed Daniele De Dionigi, Lainate Futsal manager who told us about the particular situation that AMF football sala is going through. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

How are you and the team experiencing the situation of forced suspension of sport?

“Well, after so many years related to football 5, detaching for reasons of force majeure is quite complicated. The season was proceeding quite well and there were new grafts, so the blockade created some small discomforts for us. The same difficulty to go out for also for a jog to keep the athletic part has created problems. As for being in a group it is certainly missing, even if we are in constant contact with the team. But as is obvious first of all the health issue will have to be settled, only after the competitive aspect “.

What do you think of the debate around the restart of the world of sport?

“The restart must be absolutely tied to the necessary protections, because first of all there is our health. First there is therefore a health situation to be fixed, since everything will be up to standard then it will be fine”.

What solution do you think can be correct for 5 AMF football?

“Good question, given that the physical contact whether it is 5-a-side football or football hall is always there. Furthermore, we are an amateur category and the tampons do not make them. There can be no hugging for a goal, but the scoring you have to stay close to your opponent. It would no longer be a game. So, the solution is that there is a correct safeguard”.

The suspension puts us in front of some reflections: can it represent a turning point to organize the relaunch of 5 AMF football?

“In my opinion, yes. Let’s say that this blockade will certainly leave a mark, even on a football level. You want for physical contact that will be less, but also for other effects that may be positive”.

In the impasse of sporting activity, training does not stop. Regarding the FIFS-OPES Italia coaching course, what occasion can you think?

“Training and updating are always very important, therefore the course is an excellent opportunity for improvement. The teachers are in the category and the opportunity is certainly to learn something innovative. I will participate myself.”

What are your hopes and goals for the next season?

“The hope is always to win. The boys have started running again on their own and are keeping up the training. If we can resume the activity in June, we will try to complete what we have started. Athletic training will be fundamental to recover the best condition and the goal will certainly be to win, especially next year “.