Ej Football Akkademy Boario, Futsal AMF School

Where does this idea come from? EJ FOOTBALL AKKADEMY by its nature is the football academy, specialized in technique and ball domain of the well-known professional from Rome, SIMONE RICCARDI, aka EL Jesus., Who has been collaborating with various professional clubs for over 10 years , also not Italian. He is currently a technical instructor in the FC LUGANO youth sector and to name a few he has worked for very important foreign clubs as well as Italian ones such as: PSV, FEYENOORD, GENK,…


From Rome SIMONE collaborates in northern Italy with Daniele Faccoli, a graduate in Psychology, a sportsman since ever and his son Emil Faccoli, a former Break Dance champion.


Daniele trains in the youth sectors in the province of Brescia and is a coordinative, reactive, explosive trainer even in higher categories, Juniors in the country of Vallecamonica where he lives.


Together with Simone, having Daniele players with excellent technical qualities, they decide to approach the Italian Football Hall Federation and 5 AMF Football by joining a limited number of athletes of the 2008 vintage followed by Daniele to verify the dynamics and the results in a very football. quick and in the strait of their football philosophy.


In fact Simone and Daniele are lovers of a football that today would need great changes, because without an athletic, coordinative, reactive preparation it is really difficult to play football with that class and fluency that too often is now missing on the fields and a player without technique, domination and fluidity will always have great difficulties on the field.


“We immediately fell in love with FIFS, say Simone, Daniele and Emil, perfectly organized events, a dynamic game, always active and full of solutions, movements, technical gestures in favor of young players, different terrains where you can try different sensitivities, playing Soccer at 5 AMF the ball touches thousands of times, so the more children have the opportunity to touch and manage the ball and situations, the more they develop technical, motor and cognitive skills.


The regulation of 5-AMF football provides for side throw-ins, corner kicks, hand-postponement, which helps children to develop the aerial game of 11-a-side football and is always regulated by qualified match officials ”


Important results came immediately for the EJ FOOTBALL AKKADEMY always placing in the top two of the 13-year FIFS Category tournaments, but what made it even more exciting was not the final classification, but the game expressed on the pitch, recalling the southern mentality American, where skills, speed, action and reaction, rapid construction give the possibility to be unpredictable and at the same time to be able to show, and not surprisingly the players of the EJ FOOTBAL AKKADEMY are constantly observed by the FIFS National Sector Technicians


A wonderful satisfaction for Simone Riccardi, Daniele and Emil Faccoli.



The plans for the future, hoping to get out of the COVID-19 crisis as soon as possible, are many and hopefully feasible, as unfortunately there are also painful notes in beauty. I find many contrasts, says Daniele, on his way, as the local sports clubs are very reluctant to allow their card players to participate in different events concerning the game of football, different federations per se, and as Daniele says, and he takes total responsibility, he never looks to the real good and fun of children, but always to his own interests as armchairs and membership fees, the disease that ruins this splendid sport at a young level.



We as EJ FOOTBALL AKKADEMY give the opportunity and everyone to learn a preparatory football for the future of small players, we are close to the projects of FIFS, a federation that pushes with enthusiasm and loyalty the beauty of football that we would always like to see, where first and true rule in the field, thanks to the competent referees, there is total respect for the rules and education.



We at the EJ are waiting for our boys to return soon.