Women FIFS AMF Futsal  between past, present and future

The FIFS 2019-2020 women’s season, despite the interruption for the COVID-19 emergency, will certainly enter annals as a fundamental hub of change and growth for the entire traditional women’s futsal sector and for the federation itself that represents it.
It is no coincidence that there have been many teams involved so far between cups and tournaments, in addition to the countless athletes involved for the stages of the National Women’s Team, since June 2019 led by Mr. Gilberto Colombo, assisted by Bruno Vicario and Stefano Volontieri.
Starting from the League Cup in October 2019, various club teams met on the field in sometimes memorable challenges that ended with the January 2020 verdict that saw the girls of Dairago, i.e. the run-in Bulè Dairagirls, win the Cup Italy in a beautiful match against Chicas Pavia. A game with a high technical rate which in fact represents a first growth target for the entire women’s sector between the club and the national team, considering the presence of many girls on the field within the national team itself.
In the middle of the two cups, before the health stop at the end of February, a successful Winter Cup with the highlight of many young athletes, and not only, of the La Benvenuta di Bollate and Riviera d’Orta women’s teams .
Many teams as well as many the representative athletes of their clubs who, not surprisingly, are showing themselves to be fundamental pieces for the women’s national team of the future. Impossible to name them all but certainly some players are constantly showing their talents such as the pair of the goal Barbaglia-Pavone of Invorio Munaro, the historic Caprioli-Brizzi pawns of the Dairagirls, the winning trio Argiolas-Thislher-Roncucci of Pavia, the neo FIFS golden ball Gulli Malvina of Ju Cambra Cameri, the talented Leone and Busnelli of Pol di Nova, as well as the irreducible Costanzo, who managed to emerge among the South American competitors of Lainate.
But the scouting work of the national team’s observers certainly does not stop there. In fact, between Benvenuta, Riviera d’Orta and Lo Sferalpina di Sondrio, the team left in the pits for the championship stop, the situation will be monitored as some good players are not missing.
“The growth and development of the number of teams and their level is a fundamental factor for the organization and strengthening of the national team, as well as being a mirror of the growth of the women’s sector and therefore of the whole federation”. These are the words of coach Colombo Gilberto who continues with a current message for all the girls: “I sincerely hope that the activities can resume as soon as possible, but it is essential at this stage to safeguard everyone’s health. Our journey has only been interrupted, but the path is already marked and we will start from there as soon as the conditions are good! “

All that remains is to hope that all sports can resume, especially for women’s futsal given that the women’s AMF World Cup is scheduled for 2021 and, according to the latest rumors, it could even be hosted in Italy. This is an extra incentive for everyone to be there and improve!