Italy’s victory in the Continental Veterans Cup 2020

Disputed last Sunday, February 2 at the Palacairoli in Lainate (MI) the Continental Veterans Cup 2020, international event reserved for National Representatives.
Category Veterans Over 40 (Born 1980 and earlier) in which participated the Selections of Italy, Switzerland and the Vatican, which was represented by the Selecao International Priests Football Priests edited by Moreno Buccianti, below the results of the tournament which saw the beautiful victory of the Azzurri led by Enrico Belli and Emanuele Milan:


Race 1: Italy vs Vatican 6-0

Race 2: Switzerland vs Vatican 4-2

Race 3: Switzerland vs Italy 2-4


Best Athlete Award: Ivo Wenger (Switzerland)


Guests of the event on the occasion of the award ceremony were the Councillor of CONI Lombardia representing the D.S.A. Federigo Ferrari Castellani and President of UNVS Milan, the President of the Swiss Football Federation Sala Marco Militano and the Honorary President of the FIFS Maurizio Secchi.