Official Ticino Cup Programme 2020 Category 20 years

The Swiss Football Sala Federation officially announces the program of the Ticino Cup 2020 Category 20 years (Born from 2000 to 2004) to be held on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at the Gymnasium Gerra, Via Trevano 86 in Lugano (Canton Ticino – Switzerland), here is the Event Calendar:


Group A: Rapid Lugano – FC Savosa Massagno – Losone Sportiva – US Monte Carasso

Group B: ACB Bellinzona Calcio- Raggruppamento San Zeno – US Giubiasco – FC Solduno Locarno


9.30-9.55 Match 1A: Rapid Lugano vs FC Savosa

9,55-10,20 Match 2A: Losone Sportiva vs US Monte Carasso

10.20-10.45 Match 1B: ACB Bellinzona Calcio vs. Raggruppamento San Zeno

10:45-11:10 Match 2B: US Giubiasco vs FC Solduno Locarno


11,10-11,35 Match 3A: Rapid Lugano vs. Losone Sportiva

11,35-12,00 Match 4A: FC Savosa Massagno vs US Monte Carasso

12.00-12.25 Match 3B: ACB Bellinzona Calcio vs. US Giubiasco

12:25-12:50 Match 4B: Raggruppamento San Zeno vs FC Solduno Locarno Group


12,50-14,00 Meal break / Swiss Team vs Italia di Polizia match


14.00-14.25 Match 5A: Rapid Lugano vs. US Monte Carasso

14:25-14:50 Match 6A: FC Savosa Massagno vs Losone Sportiva

14,50-15,15 Match 5B: ACB Bellinzona Calcio vs FC Solduno Locarno

15.15-15.40 Match 6B: Raggruppamento San Zeno vs. US Giubiasco Grouping


15,40-16,05 Quarter-finals 1: 1A vs 4B

16.05-16.30 Quarter-finals 2: 2A vs 3B

16,30-16,55 Quarter-finals 3: 3A vs 2B

16,55-17,20 Quarter-finals 4: 4A vs 1B


17.20-17.45 Semi Final 1: Quarter-final Winner 1 vs Quarter-final Winner 3

17,45-18,10 Semi Final 2: Quarter-final Winner 2 vs Quarter-final Winner 4


18,10-18,35 Final 1-2°: Semifinal Winner 1 vs Semifinal Winner 2


19,00-21,00 Test Match International: Switzerland vs Italy – Absolute Male Category


21,00-23,00 Best 16 Coppa Italia Maschile: Mazidi Lattonieri vs Voluntas Novara


The winner of the Tournament is the Ticino Lugano Team, which won the 2018 and 2019 editions.



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