Official Program of the Ticino Cup for Men 2020

The 2020 edition of the Ticino Cup will be held next Sunday, January 12, 2020 at the Lambertenghi Gymnasium, Via Bertaro Lambertenghi 4, Lugano (Canton Ticino-Switzerland), reserved for the Absolute Men’s Category Clubs organized by the Swiss Football Federation.

Below is the program of the event:

11,00-12,30 Swiss vs Italy – Test Match Category Small Friends

12,30-14,30 Team Ticino Lugano vs Raggruppamento Basso Ceresio Calcio-Test Match Categoria 13 anni

Group A: AS Breganzona – Leo Parquet Malcantone – FC Porza

Group B: Team Ticino Lugano – Mazidi Lattonieri — Chilling Team Artore

14.30-15.00 Match 1A: AS Breganzona vs Leo Parquet Malcantone

3.00 p.m.-3.30 p.m. Match 1B: Team Ticino Lugano vs Mazidi Lattonieri

15.30-16.00 Match 2A: Leo Parquet Malcantone vs FC Porza

4.00 p.m.-4.30 p.m. Match 2B: Mazidi Lattonieri vs Chilling Team Artore

16:30-17:00 Match 3A: AS Breganzona vs FC Porza

17.00-17.30 Match 3B: Team Ticino Lugano vs Chilling Team Artore

17.30-18.00 Final 5th-6th Place: 3A vs. 3B

18.00-18.30 Semi-final 1: 1A vs 2B

18.30-19.00 Semi-final 2: 1B vs 2A

19.00-19.30 Final 3rd-4th: Semifinal Loser 1 vs Semifinal Loser 2

Hours 19,30-20,00 Final 1°-2°: Winning Semifinal 1 vs Winning Semifinal 1

The Top 4 of the Competition will be qualified by right to the final round of the Italian Cup organized by the Italian Football Hall Federation.