Team Ticino Lugano Wins the Coppa Ticino 2019 C13!

Last Sunday, December 1st, at the Lambertenghi Gymnasium in Lugano (Canton Ticino-Switzerland), the 2019 C13 Ticino Cup took place, which saw the victory of the Ticino Lugano Team after an exciting final against AS Breganzona, holder of the Cup and reigning Swiss Champion after the penalty kicks, following the results:

Match 1A: AS Breganzona vs Vedeggio Calcio 13-0

Match 1B: Team Ticino Lugano – Raggr. San Zeno 9-0

Match 2A: Vedeggio Calcio vs Raggruppamento Basso Ceresio 1 0-7

Match 2B: Raggr. San Zeno vs. Lower Cereesian Grouping 2 3-5

Match 3A: AS Breganzona vs. Ceresio Low Grouping 1 6-2

Match 3B: Team Ticino Lugano vs Raggruppamento Basso Ceresio 2 11-0

Final 5°-6°: Vedeggio Calcio vs Ragg. San Zeno 2-1

Semifinal 1: AS Breganzona vs Low Cereesian Grouping 2 4-3

Semifinal 2: Basso Ceresio Group 1 vs Team Ticino Lugano 1-5

Final 3rd-4th: Low Cerium Grouping 2 vs Low Cerium Grouping 1 3-2

Final 1st-2nd: AS Breganzona vs Team Ticino Lugano 8-9 D.C.R.

Best Player Competition: Nicolò Domeniconi – AS Breganzona

Best goalkeeper: Leo Fasolo – Team Ticino Lugano