Azatlaf Bellinzona Wins the Italian-Swiss Cup Open Category

The 2019 edition of the Italian-Swiss Cup, reserved to the Open Category (Athletes with Intellectual-Relational Disabilities) organized by the Swiss Football Federation, took place last Sunday, December 1st at the Lambertenghi Gymnasium in Lugano (Ticino-Switzerland). The Open Category was between the Swiss Champions of the Azatlaf of Bellinzona and the Italian Champions of the FIFS of the Lainate Futsal.

The first half closes the Bellinzona line-up 2-0 with a double by Rahimi Ramazan, while the second half always extends the Swiss line-up with Salvadori Daniele who closes the match with a score of 3-0.

At the end of the race space for the third half with the awards ceremony with the presence of the President of the Swiss Football Federation Marco Militano Hall and a convivial refreshment.