Neos Air wins the Christmas Open Cup 2019!

The 2019 edition of the Christmas open Cup was held on the evening of Friday 29 November at the Cairoli shovel in Lainate (MI). The event was attended by three teams: Italian National Fifs open, National Association of Lainate Carabineers, and Neos Air, Here are the results of the races that have seen the triumph of Neos Air in an atmosphere of friendship and sportiness:

Match 1: Italian National FIFS Open vs. National Carabinieri Association Lainate 2-1

Match 2: Neos Air vs National Carabinieri Association Lainate 4-0

Match 3: Neos Air vs Italian National Fifs open 6-5

The Italian Football Association wishes to thank Neos Air and Alpitour for having endured the patronage of the event.