Winter Cup 2019, Lainate Futsal and Team Ticino Lugano return to Victory!

The fourth day dedicated to the Winter Cup 2019, an event dedicated to the Clubs of the Regions of Lombardy and Piedmont that opens the season of official competitions, or prelude to the FIFS FIVE League Championship that will start in January 2020, followed by the results of the games:

Voluntas Novara – L ‘Atletico Lombardo 8-3

Ispras C5 – Team Ticino Lugano 2-5

Lainate Futsal – Morocco FC 12-4

Updated Ranking:

1^Lainate Futsal – 10 Points

2^Morocco FC – 9 Points

3^Ispra C5 – 7 Points

4^Voluntas Novara – 6 Points

5^Team Ticino Lugano – 3 Points

6^ASD L’Atletico Lombardo – 0 Points

Next week will be played the games of the 5th day, respectively:

Monday 2/12 – 21.30 Voluntas Novara vs Lainate Futsal – Palanovarello , Granozzo con Monticello (NO)

Wednesday 4/12 – 21.15 Morocco FC vs Ispra C5 – Planet Soccer , Cesano Maderno (MB)

Thursday 5/12 – 21.45 L ‘Atletico Lombardo vs Team Ticino Lugano , Centro Sportivo G. Facchetti , Trezzano S.N. (MI)

Tonight, November 29th at 21.00 all fans will be able to see on television the race between Lainate Futsal and Morocco FC on Mediasport Channel – Channel 814 SKY and simultaneously in Streaming on

following the Calendario completo della Winter Cup 2019