Official Ticino Cup Programme C13 2019, Lugano (Switzerland)

The Swiss Football Federation Sala officially announces that next Sunday, December 1 at the Gymnasium School Lambertenghi, Via Lambertenghi 4 in Lugano will be held the Ticino Cup reserved for clubs in the Category 13 years (Athletes Born 2007/2008/2009) which will see the following program:

Group A: AS Breganzona – Vedeggio Calcio – Raggruppamento Basso Ceresio 1

Group B: Team Ticino Lugano – Raggr. San Zeno – Raggruppamento Basso Ceresio 2

11.00-12.30 Italian-Swiss Cup Category OPEN: Azalaf Bellinzona vs Lainate Futsal

12,30-13,00 Match 1A: AS Breganzona vs Vedeggio Calcio

13.00-13.30 Match 1B: Team Ticino Lugano – Raggr. San Zeno

13.30-14.00 Match 2A: Seeing Football vs Ceresio Low Grouping 1

Hours 14.00-14.30 Match 2B: Raggr. San Zeno vs Grouping Low Ceresio 2

2.30 p.m.-3 p.m. Match 3A: AS Breganzona vs Lower Ceresio Group 1

3.00 p.m.-3.30 p.m. Match 3B: Team Ticino Lugano vs Raggruppamento Basso Ceresio 2

Hours 15.30-16.00 Final 5th-6th: 3rd Classified Group A vs 3rd Classified Group B

4.00 p.m.-4.30 p.m. Semi-final 1: 1st classified Group A vs 2nd classified Group B

4.30 p.m.-5.00 p.m. Semi-final 2: 2nd Classified Group A vs 1st Classified Group B

17.00-17.30 Final 3rd-4th: Semifinal Loser 1 vs Semifinal Loser 2

17,30-18,00 Final 1st-2nd: Winning Semifinal 1 vs Winning Semifinal 2

Duration of the Ticino Cup Matches C13: 1 Time x 25′ Not Effective

18.00-20.00 Test Match International Category 20 years: Switzerland vs. Italy