A lot of fun at the 14th Christmas Cup Category Small!

So much joy and so much play at the Christmas Cup last Sunday, November 17, the 14th edition of the Christmas Cup reserved for clubs in the category Little Friends, took to the field to grow and have fun, so this mission has been accomplished.

Here are the results of the day:

Match 1A: Oratorio Lainate A vs Seleçao Libertas 5 – 3

Match 1B: Oratorio Lainate B vs Nuova Amatese 0-6

Match 2A: Seleçao Libertas vs US Aldini Milano 2-5

Match 2B: New Amatese vs SSD City of Vigevano 4-0

Match 3A: Oratorio Lainate A vs US Aldini Milano 1-3

Match 3B: Oratorio Lainate B vs SSD Città di Vigevano 1-4

Final 5°- 6°Place: Seleçao Libertas vs Oratorio Lainate B 2-3

Semifinal 1: US Aldini Milano vs SSD City of Vigevano 1-0

Semifinal 2: Nuova Amatese vs Oratorio Lainate A 11-0

Final 3rd-4th: SSD Città di Vigevano vs Oratorio Lainate A 2-0

Final 1-2°: US Aldini Milano vs Nuova Amatese 1-2

The final ranking:

1st New Amatese

2nd US Aldini Milan

3rd SSD City of Vigevano

4th Oratory Lainate A

5th Oratory Lainate B

6th Seleçao Libertas

FIFS warmly thanks all the participating teams as well as the Race Directors Alessandro Chinelli, Martino Spagnolo and Brunacci Jolanda for their commitment.