Results 1st Day Liguria Region Cup 2019

Disputed last week on the 1st Day of the Liguria Region Cup 2019, group managed by the Ligurian Regional Committee of the Delegate Federico Lai, below the results of the matches:

Parapharmacy Valley – Isolabona 16 – 1

U.S. Pignese – ASD Vallebona 7 – 3

Don Bosco Vallecrosia – Monaco Futsal AMF 7 – 6

The second day will include:

Isolabona – Pignese Mon. 11/11 hours 21:30 Centro Fabio Taggiasco Vallebona (IM)
Monaco Futsal AMF – Parapharmacy Valley ProSeborga Gio. 14/11 hours 21:30 Centro Fabio Taggiasco Vallebona (IM)
ASD Vallebona – Bar Home Fri. 15/11 at 21:30 Palasport Biancheri Bordighera (IMI)

PRIEST Don Bosco

For information contact the Ligurian Regional Committee FIFS – Mr. Federico Lai at 3479356085