The Italian Open National Team will challenge Neos Air for the Christmas Cup!

The Federazione Italiana Football Sala officially announces that Friday, November 29 with a kick-off at 21.00 will be held at Palacairoli, Via Fratelli Cairoli 33 in Lainate (MI) the Christmas Cup 2019 which will involve in a decisive match the Italian National Open Category (Athletes with Intellective Disabilities – Relational), the formation composed of employees of Neos Air – Sponsor of the Federazione Italiana Football Sala and the the Formation of the National Carabinieri Association Section of lainate , below the program of the evening:

h. 21.00-21.30 Match 1: Nazionale Italiana FIFS Open vs Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri Lainate

h. 21.30-22.00 Match 2: Loser of match 1 vs NEOS Air 

h. 22.00-22.30 Match 3: Winner of  match 1 vs NEOS Air


Following the squad-list for the competition:



1 – Grillo Vincenzo (Lainate Futsal)

2 – Bellantone Manuel (Ticinia Novara)

Players of Movement:

3 – Chiarini Stefania (Lainate Futsal)

4 – Parini Roberto (Lainate Futsal)

5 – Andreotti Andrea (Pad Busto)

6 – Sartori Claudio (Special Dream Team Piacenza)

7 – Ciro Fasolino (Special Dream Team Piacenza)

8 – Della Porta Matteo (Ticinia Novara)

9 – Esposito Christian (Ticinia Novara)

10 – Tagliabue Alessandro (Lainate Futsal)

11 – Tagliabue Federico (Lainate Futsal)

12 – Crippa Alessandro (Lainate Futsal)

13 – Parigi Alessandro (Ticinia Novara)

14 – Palermo Gianni (Ticinia Novara)

15 – Toffaletti Christian (Lainate Futsal)



CT – Crippa Aldo

Vice CT – Sartori Luigi

Assistant – Andreotti Luciano



At the end of the evening the 2 formations will meet at the Restaurant Pizzeria “Il Castello” for a convivial pizza.