An unforgettable experience has come to an end: Italy’s C13 in the history of Italian 5-a-side football!

Italy C13, according to the official AMF ranking, is the fourth best national team in the world and the first European national team! The C13 World Cup, reserved for boys born between 2006 and 2007, ended on November 3rd. It was held in the Iberian town of Reus (Spain), and the absolute protagonist was our Italian National Team.


The Azzurrini, led by CT Guerrino Parise, played in an iron round with the two South American powers Argentina and Brazil and the less acclaimed India. After passing the qualifying round passing as the best third of the event, deserving to the sound of goal the advantage in the difference goals, Italy manages to beat the householder Catalunya and reach the historic feat of passing in the semifinals, and then touch the podium, finishing in fourth place.


The path of the Azzurrini was really exciting and above all expectations: Italy, with its placement just off the podium and then among the top 4 national teams in the world, is able to establish what represents the best result in the history of Italian 5 AMF football and also at the level of a world youth competition, the best placement in the history of Italian 5-a-side football in general.


The President of the Italian Football Sala Federation Axel Paderni is very satisfied and proud of the result achieved by the Azzurri and declares: “The AMF C13 World Championship in Reus has been managed in the best way by the Catalan Organization. It was a unique and historic experience, the culmination of many years of FIFS work on the youth sector: in fact, the Federation has always promoted the activity of the Football Hall making it accessible to all people who cultivate an interest in the values of sport, paying particular attention to the Italian Academy. I am fully satisfied with the fourth place obtained by the Italian National Team and I hope that this medium to long term project will lead to even better results in the coming years”.


To underline the two excellent performances of the Azzurrini Lattari Cristian, elected best scorer, and Carta Matteo, chosen as best goalkeeper of the World Cup.

The Italian Federation Football Sala would like to thank the boys who have accomplished this wonderful achievement, making a dream come true just before unhoped for; the technicians of the National Team or the CT Guerrino Parise, the Vice Coach and Goalkeeper Trainer William Rossi, the Athletic Trainer and Physiotherapist Simone Di Benedetto and the Team Manager Alessandro Chinelli for having better managed the rose of the National Team and have contributed to the final success. Finally, a special thanks also to the parents of the athletes, who with their support have contributed to make this experience unique.


Congratulations to the Italian referee Fabio Lo Tartaro for the excellent refereeing and a special compliment to Roberto Ferrari, referee of the Swiss delegation, nominated best referee of the World Championship. FIFS also underlines the excellent organization put in place by the Catalan Federation and thanks Roberto Brusati and the MediasportChannel troupe for having best filmed the highlights of the entire event.


We remind you that the replicas of the World Championship matches, filmed by the MediasportChannel cameras, will be broadcast in the coming weeks with a schedule yet to be defined, in particular on Channel 814 of the SKY Package and Channel 188 of the Digital Terrestrial, as well as on the site