Registrations are open for the Ticino Cup 2019 Category 13 years

The Federazione Svizzera Football Sala officially communicates that registrations are open for the Ticino Cup 2019 category 13 years old, that will take place on Sunday 1st December 2019 at Lambertenghi Gym, Via Bertaro Lambertenghi, 6900 Lugano (Canton Ticino – Svizzera).


The competition program consists of: a closed number tournament for 8 teams category 13 years (born 2007/2008/2009). The matches start at 8.30 am and finish at 18.30.


The organiser of the tournament is AS Breganzona, which won the 2018 Edition and the 2019 Swiss Cup.


For informations and for the registrations contact FIFS Secretarial office at:

Phone: +39 3493125140