Team Ticino Lugano wins the League Cup for Men’s Club 2019!

The return of the 2019 Men’s Club League Cup took place on Thursday 19 September at Palacairoli, Via Fratelli Cairoli, Lainate (MI). Three teams took part in the event, which challenged each other tenaciously in the return of the triangle.

The evening decreed Team Ticino Lugano as the winner, confirming itself for the third consecutive year as champion of the Men’s Club League Cup.

Here are the rankings and results of the races held in the return phase:


Team Ticino Lugano – 12 points

Lainate Futsal – 4 points

Voluntas Novara – 1 points

Match 1 Hours 21.00: Voluntas Novara vs Team Ticino Lugano 3-5

Match 2 Hours 21.45: Lainate Futsal vs Team Ticino Lugano 1-3

Match 3 Hours 22.30: Lainate Futsal vs Voluntas Novara 4-4

The matches will be broadcast by Mediasport Channel, SKY Channel 814 and Digital Terrestrial Channel 213, on a date to be defined.