Here are the groups of the World Cup Category 13 years!

The Italian Football Federation officially announces the rounds of the next World Cup AMF Category 13 years, which will be held from 27 October to 3 November in the Catalonian Region in Spain, drawn today, September 9 at 12:00, in the city of Barcelona (Spain) at the Casa dello Sport Catalano, in the presence of the authorities of the Catalan Federation Futbol Sala and the association Mundial de Futsal.

Below are the draw bands and the three official rounds:

Group 1: Catalunya – Paraguay – Argentina

Group 2: Brazil – Colombia – South Africa

Group 3: Italy – France – Switzerland

Group 4: Australia – United Kingdom – India

Group A





Group B




United Kingdom

Group C


South Africa



Held on Sunday 8 September at the Palapiacco of Vercelli (VC), the meeting of the Italian National Team of 5 Category 13 football, born in 2006/2007, in view of the international commitment of the C13 World Cup, was directed by the technical commissioner Guerrino Parise and attended by 11 players.

Thanks to the City of Vercelli and the Councillor for Sport Domenico Sabatino, who came to greet the Italian national team during the meeting.

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