The Italian National Team returns to work on 29 September in Lainate (MI)

The Italian Football Federation officially announces that next Sunday, September 29th, will be held at Palacairoli, Via Fratelli Cairoli 32 in Lainate (MI) the first meeting of the Italian National Absolute Male in view of the appointments of the season 2019/2020, hereinafter the summoned of the stage and the details of the program:

Group 1 Meeting:

14.00-14.15 Meeting – Registration

14.15-14.30 Clothing

2.30 p.m.-5.00 p.m. Training internship


Chiappin Daniel – Voluntas Novara
Pendola Luca – Tigullio Chiavari
Mangiaracina Andrea – Team Ticino Lugano
Motion Players

Terracciano Matteo – Team Ticino Lugano
From San Biagio Filippo – U.S. Oltreserchio 1971
Dinucci Giuseppe – U.S. Oltreserchio 1971
Unti Federico – U.S. Oltreserchio 1971
Licini Luca – Ticinia Novara
Bono Pasquale – Ticinia Novara
Lisi Emiliano – Neos Air
Simonetta Stefano – Ticinia Novara
Rota Edoardo – Ticinia Novara
Micciola Leonardo – Ticinia Novara
Mariotti Alessandro – Tigullio Chiavari
Luise Alessandro – Tigullio Chiavari
D’Alessio Salvatore – Team Ticino Lugano
Daguati Alessandro – Domus Bresso
Baggetta Alessandro – Domus Bresso
Brusati Gabriele – Voluntas Novara
Alessandro Cavallotti – Voluntas Novara
Spanò Luca – Futsal San Giuliano
Del Gaudio Luca – Futsal San Giuliano

Group 2 rally:

16.00-16.45 Meeting – Registration

16.45-17:30 hours Dressing

17:45-19.00 hours Training Stage


Bagarin Stefano – Lainate Futsal
Bianchi Francesco – Futsal San Giuliano
Gualtieri Simone – FC Trapanarella Cesano Maderno
Players of Movement:

Sidoti Orlando – Futsal San Giuliano
Iacono Andrea – Futsal San Giuliano
Sperindio Davide – Gea Solution Biella
Andreazza Davide – Planet Soccer Cesano
Carraro Edoardo – Planet Soccer Cesano
El Aouni Oussama – Top Five Piston Rods
Nicolò rudds – Top Five Piston Rods
Tognato Edoardo – Top Five Biella
Cavallini Simone – Top Five Piston Rods
Nencioni Alberto – Jack Ef Cesano Maderno
Parisse Enzopaol – Jack Ef Cesano Maderno
Ciancio Luca – FC Trapanarella Cesano Maderno
Amoroso Giovanni – MM Azzurri
Calabrese Stefano – MM Azzurri
Ragusa Vincenzo – MM Azzurri
Brun Mirko – Black Rose Cesano Maderno
Trocino Jacopo – Black Rose Cesano Maderno
Leonardi Luca – FIFS Academy
Federal Technical Staff:

Technical Commissioner: Usai Stefano
Deputy Technical Commissioner: Parise Guerrino
Assistant: Bencivenga Domenico
Goalkeeper Trainer: Rossi William
Team Manager: Chinelli Alessandro
General Manager: Pavan Fabrizio
Medical Contact: Andrea Filattiera

The summoned participants must reply to the invitation email no later than Friday, July 26 at 12:00 noon.
In case of non-receipt of the e-mail, communicate your presence by e-mail to