MM Azzurri wins Futsal Summer Night 2019!

On the evening of Wednesday, July 10, at the Planet Soccer Sports Centre, Via Abruzzi 10, Cesano Maderno (MB), the Futsal Summer Night 2019 was played by 8 teams divided into two groups, who fought for victory with great tenacity.


Here are the rankings and results of the races held in the group stage:

Group A

9 points MM Light blue
6 points Team Jack Ef
3 points Road haulage Coffani
0 points I Underestimated Planet Soccer

Group B
7 points FC Drill
6 Academy FIFS points
4 points Blackrose Cesano
0 Compagneros points


Match 1A Undervalued Planet Soccer vs. Transportation Coffani 2-3
Match 1B Academy FIFS vs FC Trapanella 1-2

Match 2A MM Blue vs Team Jack Ef 7-1
Match 2B Blackrose Cesano vs Compagneros 5-2

Match 3A I Undervalued Planet Soccer vs MM Azzurri 2-7
Race 3B Academy FIFS vs Blackrose Cesano 4-1

Match 4A Coffani vs Team Jack Ef 1-4 Road Transport
Match 4B FC Trapanella vs Compagneros 4-0

Match 5A The Underestimated Planet Soccer vs Team Jack Ef 2-3
Match 5B Academy FIFS vs Compagneros 7-0

Match 6A Coffani vs MM Azzurri 0-1 Road Transport
Match 6B FC Trapanella vs Blackrose Cesano 2-2


Here are the results of the final stages of the tournament:

Semifinal 1: MM Azzurri vs Academy FIFS 5-1
Semifinal 2: Fc Trapanarella vs Team Jack Ef 2-3
Final 1st-2nd Place: MM Azzurri vs Team Jack Ef 2 3-2

MM Azzurri wins the tournament!


Personal recognition:

Best Player: Amoroso Giovanni (MM Azzurri)

Best Goolkeeper: Ciancio Luca (Fc Trapanarella)


Thanks from the Italian Football Federation to the participants, to the spectators, who showed enthusiasm for the event organized, to Fabio and Andrea Milan, managers of the Planet Soccer Sports Centre in Cesano Maderno that hosted the event, as well as referees Luca Panetti, Stefano Innocenti and Antonio Reali.