League Cup 2019!

The Italian Football Sala Federation officially announces that in September will be held the 2019 League Cup, an event that opens the season of the Men’s and Women’s Clubs involving the best teams classified in the Italian Cup and Italian Championship of the previous season, hereinafter the Calendar of the event:


Men’s Cup:

Thursday 12 September – Palacairoli , Via Cairoli 32 , Lainate (MI)

20.45 Semifinal 1: Ticinia Novara (1st Classified Italian Championship/Cup Italy) vs Team Ticino Lugano (2nd Classified Five League)

22.15 Semi-final 2: Futsal San Giuliano (1st classified Lega Five) vs Black Shadow Cesano Maderno (2nd classified Coppa Italia)

Thursday, September 19 – Palacairoli , Via Cairoli 32 , Lainate (MI)

Hours 20.45 Final 3rd-4th

22.15 Final 1st-2nd hour


Women’s Cup:

Saturday 21 September – Palacairoli , Via Cairoli 32 , Lainate (MI)

17.45 Semifinal 1: ASD Invorio Munaro (1st classified Spring Championship) vs Pavia C5 Femminile (2nd classified Italian Cup)

7.30pm Semifinal 2: ASD Teamsport Milano (1st classified Italian Cup) vs ASD Ju Cambra Cameri (2nd classified Spring Championship)

Saturday 28 September – Palacairoli , Via Cairoli 32 , Lainate (MI)

5.45pm Final 3rd-4th

19.30 Final 1st-2nd day


The Finals will be filmed by Mediasport Channel – Channel 814 Package SKY – Channel 213 Digital Terrestrial, and will also be streamed on www.mediasportchannel.tv