Great participation in Vigevano at the Academy C13 stage!

The Stage Academy Category 13 athletes (born 2006/20007/2008) took part in the morning of last Saturday 6 July at the Antona sports center – Cavallino di Vigevano (PV), which saw the participation of 33 athletes who performed a technical session under the direction of the Technical Commissioner of the Italian National C13 Guerrino Parise who was assisted by William Rossi and Alessandro Chinelli.

 The President of the SSD Città di Vigevano, who hosted and co-organized the morning, did the honors. The internship was the last selection of the 2018/2019 season, with the work of the Italian National C13 which will resume in September in view of participation in the C13 World Cup, scheduled from October 27th to November 3rd in Terragona (Spain). The FIFS also wishes to thank Dario Modena, manager of S.S.D Città di Vigevano, whose collaboration was fundamental to the realization of the event.