Great interest in the C13 Spring Cup and Memorial Marzona in Valdengo (Biella)

The Spring C13 Cup and the Lorenzo Marzona Memorial were played on Sunday 9 June at the Municipal Gym in Valdengo (Biella), followed by the results of the day:

Spring Cup C13

Match 1A: Academy FIFS C13 vs Onnisport Nichelino 11-0

Match 1B: Asociacion Oriental Boliviana Bergamo vs Rapp FIFS Liguria 5-2

Match 2A: Onnisport Nichelino vs GSP Liga Sudamericana Milan 4-4

Match 2B: Team Ticino Lugano vs vs Rapp FIFS Liguria 2-3

Match 3A: Academy FIFS C13 vs GSP Liga Sudamericana Milan 2-1

Match 3B: Aso Oriental Boliviana Bergamo vs Team Ticino Lugano 3-0

Final 5th -6th: Team Ticino Lugano (3A) vs Onnisport Nichelino (3B) 5-0

Semi-final 1: Academy FIFS C13 (1A) vs Rapp FIFS Liguria (2B) 1-3

Semi-final 2: Aso Oriental Boliviana Bergamo (1B) vs GSP Liga Sud (2A) 3-0

Final 3rd -4th: Academy FIFS (Perd Sem1) vs GSP Liga Sud (Perd Sem2) 1-0

Final 1st -2nd: Rapp FIFS Liguria (Vinc Sem1) vs. Aso Oriental Boliviana Bg (Semifinal Winner 1) 2-3 D.C.R.

Final ranking:

1st Classified – Asociacion Oriental Boliviana Bergamo

2nd Classified – Representative FIFS Liguria

3rd Classified – Academy FIFS C13

4th Classified – GSP Liga Sudamericana Milan

5th Classified – Ticino Ticino Team

6th Classified – Onnisport Nichelino

Best Player: Bueno Fabio (GSP South American League)

Best Goalkeeper: De Vico Emanuele (Academy FIFS)

Results Triangular Races in Memory of Marzona Lorenzo:

Match 1: Academy FIFS C20 vs Gea Soluction Biella 2-3

Match 2: Academy FIFS C20 vs Top Five Biella 6-4

Match 3: Top Five Biella vs Gea Soluction Biella 3-4