Ju Cambra Cameri win the Women Spring Cup 2019!

Disputed on the evening of last Tuesday 4 June at the PalaCairoli, in Lainate (Milan-Lombardy, the Spring Cup Women, an event dedicated to Women’s Clubs that saw the participation of 4 Women’s Clubs: Ju Cambra Cameri, ASD Sferalpina, Black Arrogance and Riviera d ‘Orta, here are the results of the competitions:

Match 1: Ju Cambra Cameri vs ASD Sferalpina 6-3

Match 2: Black Arrogance vs Riviera d’Orta 0-1

Match 3: Ju Cambra Cameri vs Riviera d’Orta 1-0

Match 4: ASD Sferalpina vs Black Arrogance 9-1

Match 5: Ju Cambra Cameri vs Black Arrogance 2-0

Match 6: Riviera d’Orta vs ASD Sferalpina 2-1

Final ranking:

1st Classified Ju Cambra Cameri – 9 Points

2nd Classified Riviera D’Orta – 6 Points

3rd Classified ASD Sferalpina – 3 Points

4th Classified Black Arrogance – 0 Points