Italian Women’s Cup, Teamsport, Dairagirls, and Pavia C5 wins!

The first leg of the 2019 Italian Women’s Cup quarter-finals took place last Saturday, May 4th at the Palacairoli in Lainate (MI).

Quarters 1A: Teamsport Milano vs Ju Cambra Cameri 14-2

Quarters 2A: ASD Bulè Dairagirls vs Invorio Munaro 8-3

Quarters 3A: Lainate Futsal vs Pavia C5 0-11

Next Saturday 11 May, again at the Palacairoli, Via Cairoli 32 in Lainate (MI), the return matches of the quarterfinals will be held with the following program:

4.30pm Quarter 1R: Ju Cambra Cameri vs Teamsport Milan

6.15pm Quarters 2R: Invorio Munaro vs ASD Bulè Dairagirls

Hours 20.00 3R Quarters: Pavia C5 vs Lainate Futsal