Great Show in Breganzona between Switzerland and Italy Over 40!

The Friendly Match Category Veterans Over 40 event between the Italian National team of CT Enrico Belli and the Swiss level leaders of Switzerland headed by Federico Riva was held on Wednesday 1 May at the Gymnasium of the Elementary School of Breganzona (Ticino-Switzerland).

First time all blue that closes with a score of 4 to 2 with blue goals by Alessandro Mazzi who scored twice, Simone Racioppo and Stefano “The King” Usai, while for the rossocrociati goals by Mathias Kombatè and Mattia Milani.

In the second half the red-crossover reaction that incredibly overturns the result, reaching the draw with the Azzurri who snatch a 7 to 6 victory in the final minutes, with blue goals from Roberto Castorino, Stefano Usai and Alessandro Mazzi, while for the Rossocrociati two goals from Alessandro Massaro, and networks of Mattia Milani, Mathias Kombatè.