AS Breganzona Wins the C13 Swiss Cup!


The 1st Edition of the Swiss Cup organized by the Swiss Federation reserved for 13-year-old teams (born 2006/2007/2008) to which they took 6 formations: AS Breganzona – Raggr. San Zeno 1 – Rapid Lugano – Raggr. San Zeno 2 – Team Ticino Lugano – Asociacion Oriental Boliviana BG, here are the results:

Race 1A: AS Breganzona vs Raggr. San Zeno 1; 0-3

Race 1B: Raggr. San Zeno 2 vs Team Ticino Lugano; 2-3

Race 2A: Raggr. San Zeno 1 vs Rapid Lugano: 9-0

Race 2B: Raggr. San Zeno 2 vs Asociacion Oriental Boliviana BG; 0-5

Race 3A: AS Breganzona vs Rapid Lugano; 9-0

Race 3B: Team Ticino Lugano vs Asociacion Oriental Boliviana BG; 1-3

Final 5th -6th: Rapid Lugano (3A) vs Raggr. San Zeno 2 (3B) 2-3

Semi-final 1: San Zeno 1 (1A) vs Ticino Team Lugano (2B) 4-3 DCR

Semi-final 2: Asociacion Oriental Boliviana BG (1B) vs AS Breganzona (2A); 2-4 DCR

Final 3rd -4th: Team Ticino Lugano (Perd Sem1) vs. Asoc Oriental Boliviana BG (Perd Sem2) 0-2

Final 1st -2nd: San Zeno 1 (Vinc Sem1) vs AS Breganzona (Vinc Sem2) 5-6 DCR


Best Player of the Tournament: Alyssa Keller – Team Ticino Lugano

Special thanks to the referees Roberto Ferrari, Luca Panetti and Simone Zaccari who led the races.