Defined the Board of the 2019 Men’s Italian Final Round

The Italian Football Sala Federation officially communicates the Board starting from the quarter-finals of the 2019 Italian Cup reserved for men’s clubs which will take place in May-June p.v.

Quarter Finals – Single Race
Quarter 1: Ticinia Novara (Winner of the 2019 Italian Cup) vs. Highland FC (4th in the 2019 Lombardy Cup), Monday 13 May at 9.30 pm, Palanovarello, Via Dante Graziosi, Granozzo with Monticello (NO)

Quarters 2: Team Ticino Lugano (Vincente Gara 1 Ottavi) vs Rapid Lugano (Best Rediscovered Coppa Lombardia 2019, Wednesday 8 May 9.00 pm, Middle School Gym, Morbio Inferiore (Canton Ticino-Switzerland)

Quarters 3: Futsal San Giuliano (Vincente Gara 2 Octavi) vs Red Tube (2nd Grade Lombardy Cup 2019), Tuesday 7 May 22.15, Palacairoli, Via Fratelli Cairoli 33, Lainate (MI)

Quarters 4: Lainate Futsal (Repescata Ottavi) vs Black Shadow (1st Classified Lombardy Cup 2019) Palacairoli, Via Cairoli 32, Lainate (MI),
Tuesday 7 May at 8.45pm

Semifinals – Single Race to be played in the second half of May 2019
Semifinal 1: Winner Quarter 1 vs Winner Quarter 3

Semi-final 2: Quarter-finals 2 vs. Quarter-finals 4

Finals – Saturday 8 June 2019 – Palasport, Via Dell’Arbogna, Mortara (PV)
17.00 hours Final 3rd-4th place (Valid for 2019 League Cup Classification):
Semifinal Loser 1 vs Semifinal Loser 2

Hours 21.00 Final 1st -2nd Place: Semifinal Winner 1 vs. Semifinal Winner 1