Tigullio Chiavari wins the Regione Liguria Cup 2019!

Held last Sunday, April 14 at the palasport of bordighera (IM) the 2019 edition of the Liguria Regional Cup, event reserved to the Clubs of the male category that saw the participation of 6 formations with the following results:

Match 1A: Airole Pro Seborga vs Betpower Bordighera; 0-1

Match 1B: Vallebona vs Tigullio Chiavari; 0-3

Match 2A: MI Monaco vs Betpower Bordighera; 1-2

Match 2B: vs Vallebona; 2-3

Match 3A: Airole Pro Seborga vs MI Monaco; 3-1

Match 3B: Tigullio Chiavari vs UIM Monaco; 6-0
Final 5^-6^: MI Monaco vs UIM Monaco (3A vs 3B); 3-0
Sem1: Betpower Bordighera vs Vallebona (1A vs 2B); 5-1

Sem2: Tigullio Chiavari vs Airole Pro Seborga (1B vs 2A); 3-0

Final 3^-4^: Vallebona vs Airole Pro Seborga; 3-0

Final 1^-2^: Betpower Bordighera vs Tigullio Chiavari; 0-2


Best Player: Luise Alessandro (Tigullio Chiavari)

Best Doorman: (Betpower Bordighera)


Final Timetable:

1^Tigullio Chiavari – Goes to the National Finals Scudetto 2019

2^Betpower Bordighera – Goes to the National Finals Scudetto 2019


4^Airole Pro Seborga

5^MI Monaco

6^UIM Monaco

The Federation wishes to thank the Municipal Administration of Bordighera in the person of the Councillor for Sport Stefano gnutti, besides Matteo bianchini and Federico Lai of the Liguria Regional Committee of the FIFS whose work has been fundamental to the realization of the event.