Italy wins 6 to 5 over Australia! This night the final round for 9th and 10th place vs. Uruguay

The third match vs. Australia was played yesterday night in Oberá. Italian players end the first half  4 to 1. 4 points were scored by Valenti, Terenzi, Velazquez and Montagna. The australian Ureyde scored their 1st point.

The second half was opened by a goal scored by australian led by Lowe, but before long Alemao scored a point which keep the score to 5-2 for italians.

Last minutes italians face a draw with a goal scored by Ureyde, then the italian Terenzio end the match with the winner of Italy 6 to 5.

This night at 8:00 p.m. (Argentina time – 1:00 a.m. italian tim) will be played the final for 9th and 10th positions over  Uruguay which will be played in the city of Wanda (Misiones Area)

The match will be transmitted on live streaming on Facebook page “FIFS-Federazione Italiana Football Sala”