Italy loses 7-1 against Argentina! Tonight the third match against Australia

So little to say about the match of yesterday night against Argentina in Oberà; the Italian team stays on truck for 10 minuts but Argentina gains the first time-match for 3 to 0 thanks to the goals of Marco Politi and Marcello Mescolatti.

In the second time-match Argentina scores again thanks to Diego Koltez , Marco Politi, Gonzalo Pires, e Mathias Rivero; Manuel Del Ferraro closes the match which won’t make the italian team qualify for the final quarters of this World Cup.

Tonight at 21.30 (2.30 a.m. italian time) the Blues will play against Australiafor the third match of Group C valid for the Classification from 9^ to 15^ position in live streaming on the Facebook page  “AZUL DIRECTA”.